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In 2018, a group of Jamaican members met to discuss the increase of Jamaicans entering the New York Police Department (NYPD).  After years of this ongoing dialogue, we felt there was a need to have a place to represent the concerns of Jamaican Americans in law enforcement.  Today we see Jamaican members represented in all sectors of law enforcement and certainly increasing in the NYPD.   Therefore, in 2019 the Jamaican American Law Enforcement Organization aka JAmLEO was formed.   Although during this period we battled Covid-19, this group of NYPD Jamaican Americans persevered, held meetings, planned the daily operations of the organization, and recruited new members. In December 2021, JAmLEO became the first recognized Jamaican fraternal organization in the Department. We welcome civilian, uniformed, and law enforcement members throughout the New York metropolitan area to join JAmLEO.
Elton Mohammed, President.

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